Icelandic wildlife adventures: Explore Iceland’s fascinating ecosystem

Beyond the breathtaking landscapes and geological wonders, Iceland boasts a mesmerising and diverse ecosystem teeming with fascinating wildlife and unspoiled habitats.

For travel enthusiasts, families, solo travellers, photographers, and nature lovers alike, Slice of Iceland present an irresistible opportunity to explore the enchanting world of Iceland´s unique wildlife with curated experiences designed to captivate and enthral.

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Iceland offers a rich tapestry of unparalleled wildlife experiences, its relative isolation fostering the growth of a vibrant and distinct ecosystem.

From the iconic puffin colonies that crowd the coastal cliffs to the regal humpback whales that grace the island´s shores, nature reveals itself in all its splendour and mystique.

In embracing the spirit of exploration and wonder that defines the Icelandic journey, wander through verdant meadows teeming with colourful wildflowers, marvel at the architectural brilliance of Arctic tern nests, and witness the adaptable resilience of Icelandic horses thriving in their ancestral homeland.

five beautiful horses in brown and dark brown colours running on grass with blue sky with few clouds on a sunny day in Iceland

Delight in the captivating beauty of vibrant birdlife, the magnificent mammals of Iceland, observe majestic marine creatures breaching the ocean´s surface, and witness the awe-inspiring wonders of Icelandic flora throughout the changing seasons–all while forging a profound connection to Iceland´s mesmerising troupe of natural performers.

Exquisite avian wonders:
Icelandic birdwatching at its finest

Embark on a breathtaking birdwatching journey, witnessing the vibrant and diverse bird species that grace Iceland´s enchanting landscapes:

Atlantic puffins

Observe the iconic and charismatic puffin colonies up close, as these
colourful birds nest along steep cliffs and rocky coastlines, showcasing their impressive diving
skills and heartwarming interactions.

A puffin with it's mouth full of fish looking straight at the camera
Arctic Tern fishing a small fish with reflection in the water in Iceland

Arctic terns

Marvel at the aerial acrobatics of the agile Arctic terns, as they perform elegant aerial displays and care for their young while laying claim to the title of Earth´s farthest-travelling migratory bird.

Icelandic eagles

The white-tailed sea eagle holds a special place in Icelandic culture, and
populations of this majestic bird has seen a recent resurgence in the country.

This once-endangered species has been nesting more frequently in Iceland, making these birds of prey a
wonder to behold.

Majestic flying Eagle in Iceland with white head and white tail

Mammalian marvels:
The magnificent mammals of Iceland

Wild fox curled up in green grass in Iceland

Arctic foxes

The Arctic fox is the only land mammal in Iceland that was not introduced here
by humans, and they've  lived in the area since the Ice Age.

These fascinating creatures changecolors with the seasons.

Icelandic sheep

Icelandic sheep, a direct descendant of the ancient Norwegian sheep, were
brought to Iceland by the Vikings over 1,000 years ago.

As a result, they have been isolated
from other breeds for centuries, which has led to their unique characteristics like their highly coveted dual coats.

These sheep are also a triple-purpose breed, providing milk in addition to
wool and meat.

Amazingly innocent and beautiful small sheep standing on its back legs and looking straight at the camera
Three beautiful horses standing in the wind one black and two brown

Icelandic horse

The Icelandic horse, like the sheep, also has Viking roots and has been isolated from other breeds for centuries.

One of the most remarkable features of Icelandic horses is their five gaits.

Unlike most breeds with three (walk, trot, and gallop), Icelandic horses have two additional gaits - the tölt and the flying pace.

The tölt is a smooth, four-beat gait that
offers a virtually bounce-free ride, while the flying pace is a fast, two-beat lateral gait, where the horse can reach speeds up to 50 km/h.

Icelandic reindeer

Reindeer are native to Iceland and can be found in the eastern and northern parts of the country.

Their presence, especially during the colder months, adds a distinct charm to the Icelandic landscape.

Reindeer with big majestic horns looking straight to camera snow on the ground

Majestic marine life:
Unforgettable Icelandic whale watching experiences

Witness the enthralling beauty of Iceland´s marine life, as you embark on unforgettable whale
watching experiences amidst the country´s bountiful waters:

Humpback whales

Delight in the unforgettable sight of humpback whales breaching the ocean´s surface, as these graceful giants delight in showcasing their astounding power and agility, surrounding the coastal waters of Iceland.

Humback whale jumping above water in Iceland
Orcas swimming just beneath the water


Observe the magnificent killer whales in their natural habitat, as they hunt in coordinated packs along Iceland´s majestic shorelines, revealing their extraordinary intelligence
and prowess.

Porpoises and dolphins

Immerse yourself in the playful dance of harbour porpoises and
white-beaked dolphins as they frolic along the cool Icelandic waters, revealing their captivating
personalities and impressive speed.

Two dolphins swimming just above the waterline a mother and it's baby

Icelands fascinating flora:
Uncover the delightful beauty of inimitable wildflowers and lichen

Engage in an intimate exploration of Iceland´s striking flora, revealing the island´s tenacious plant life that thrives amidst its unique climates and unparalleled landscapes:

Wild orchids

Wander through verdant meadows in search of the captivating wild orchids,
which boast a dazzling array of colours and enchanting shapes, unique to the Icelandic landscape.

Wild orchids in Iceland, purple coloured with green grass behind
Arctic thyme plant in Iceland

Arctic thyme

Delve into the aromatic world of Arctic thyme, a versatile and hardy herb that
adorns the rocky hillsides, emanating a rich and unmistakable fragrance.

Lichen and moss

Traverse the volcanic terrain to uncover the resilient charms of Icelandic lichen and moss, which carve out a niche in the most unlikely of locations, lending their verdant hue to the monochrome volcanic rock.

Green moss with mountain in behind covered in clouds in East Iceland

Beneath the midnight sun:
Explore the wonders of Iceland´s enduring wildlife with Slice of Iceland

We present a series of unforgettable wildlife experiences to satisfy the most intrepid of explorers:

Puffin with it's mouth open standing on a grass pile with straws around

Customised birdwatching tours

Embrace the vivid beauty of Iceland´s avian wonders on curated birdwatching expeditions tailored to your interests, providing exceptional opportunities
for ornithologists and aspiring birdwatchers alike.

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Whale watching excursions

Set sail on immersive whale-watching experiences, guided by
expert marine life biologists and naturalists, ensuring unforgettable encounters with the ocean´s most captivating mammals.

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Humback Whale with the tail above water
Aerial view over Thorsmork valley. Rivers running trough with mountain ridge on both sides

Wildflower walks

Wander through the breathtaking landscapes of Iceland on expert-led
wildflower walks, fostering an appreciation and understanding of the island´s unique and vibrant

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The captivating world of Icelandic wildlife transcends definition, creating a complex and intricate tapestry that permeates the Land of Fire and Ice with wonder, intrigue, and beauty.

Exploringthe fascinating depths of this iconic ecosystem encompasses a journey not only into the heart of Iceland´s unparalleled landscapes but also into the very soul of the island´s resilient and enchanting array of natural performers.

Icelandic flowers under a beautiful sunset

Slice of Iceland, proudly offers the best Iceland tour packages that will
ensure a profound connection with Iceland´s geothermal wonders
for all travel enthusiasts,families, solo travellers, photographers, and nature lovers.

We will not only uncover the majestic power concealed beneath the earth´s surface but also rediscover the soul-soothing rejuvenation and inspiration that lie within these geological spectacles.

Prepare to embark on a vivid and exhilarating exploration of the Land of Fire and Ice, paying homage to the spirit of exploration, rejuvenation, and inspiration that defines the Icelandic journey.

Reach out with us today to experience experience the awe-inspiring beauty of Iceland´s geothermal wonders.

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